Playstation Failed Fraud Transactions

Playstation Failed Fraud Transactions

Every since TheTrashman got a PS5, he has struggled. Struggled to give Playstation his money. You see, TheTrashman wants to add money to his wallet, so little trashy can purchase Fortnite skins, but Playstation makes it nearly impossible.

TM has reached out to Playstation multiple times to try to get transactions to go through, usually when TM reaches out it starts to work on the web. Yesterday, the Playstation customer support rep suggested trying on the console. TM wasn’t thrilled at this suggestion, but tried it anyways.

Sure enough, both attempted transactions went through fine on the Console.

So if you’re struggling to try to purchase any games, or add funds, to your Playstation account, try it on the console instead of on the web.

Doing some request/response inspection, TM was able to determine that for some reason Playstation was declining the web transactions for failing some fraud checks. The question is why? The cards are TMs, have been used before, hell even PayPal was failing the same.

Why would you ever expect the web to work? (FYI Playstation’s website sucks)


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